The XII International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition will be broadcasted on Yle's channels May 19–29, 2022.


The International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition, one of the most prestigious classical music competitions in the world, will present the top soloists of the future in Helsinki, Finland in May 2022. The competition can also be followed live on Yle Areena.

Live webcasts of the first and second rounds, as well as the final round and award ceremony, will be available worldwide on Yle Areena. The first and second rounds will be broadcasted by Yle Radio 1. The bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) final round broadcasts will be presented by Yle Radio 1 and on TV by Yle Teema Fem.

This year, the first rounds will be held May 19–21, second rounds May 23–25 and the finals, culminating in the award ceremony, will be held May 27–29, 2022.


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